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ClearPass OnGuard agent authentication failed

Please help having an issue while login on to the Laptop/PC and ClearPass OnGuard agent prompted for login credential and password.

Even after put up the correct credential, it just doesn't authenticate and keep on prompting for login and password credential.


After hitting cancel instead, OnGuard is showing  Authentication Failed


We are on v6.6.10.106403

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Re: ClearPass OnGuard agent authentication failed

Can you share the access tracker entry for that failure ?

How’s your posture check service configured? To do health and authenticate ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian

Pardon typos sent from Mobile
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: ClearPass OnGuard agent authentication failed

Found the root cause, it has nothing to do with any of the policy nor setting in OnGuard.


We remove a services from the environment but forgot to stopped the services, that created the issue.

As the client looking for the cluster services for authentication, whenever it hit the removal of services, it will keep on prompting for the login credential.


After stopped the services, there are no more issue and problem solved.

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