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ClearPass Onboard license is Overrun

We rebuilt one of our MDM servers and apparently it used new licenses for all existing devices, now it is showing as if we exhausted the licenses but we have not. Any one know how to clear the un-used license count?


2020-09-08 03:15:06-04:00 CPPM[xxx] License: ClearPass Onboard license is Overrun. Total license count = 15325, Used license count = 25426

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Re: ClearPass Onboard license is Overrun

Hi Andresp,


The Onboard license consumption is based upon an active certificate per user model (ClearPass 6.7.x or newer). For example , if a given user had four devices with an active certificate on each, only one Onboard license is required. If over time, three out of the four are retired, and there associated certificates revoked, the fourth active device certificate will still keep the Onboard license associated to the user.


To cleanup your licence you have to remove the unused certificates to users.


Question here is why ClearPass is thinking that all your enrolled devices are seen as a "new user". This could be an issue in your MDM configuration as well.


Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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