ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9 Releases

Hello All,


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9.0!  In addition to bug fixes, this release also includes several new features that our Engineering and QA team have worked tirelessly to include:


Significant IPv6 Improvements

Why is this interesting? This release adds IPv6 functionality between ClearPass Policy Manager and NAD for RADIUS and TACACS+ communication.  NAD devices no longer require communicating over IPv4 when contacting ClearPass Policy Manager.  IPv6 communication between Policy Manager cluster members are also now fully supported.


Tunneled EAP (TEAP) support

Why is this interesting? Customers who want to use a standards-based approach to perform authentication of endpoints combining more than one identity (such as machine and user) and/or mixed authentication methods (such as machine certificate and user password) may leverage TEAP to perform both in a single tunneled EAP transaction.  TEAP is defined in RFC 7170 and native support is included in Windows 10 (release 20H1).


Template Updates to Downloadable User Roles

Why is this interesting? Customers who use Downloadable User Role (DUR) definitions on ClearPass Policy Manager no longer need to upgrade or update Policy Manager to have access to the latest DUR options in standard mode when updating Aruba devices.  Administrators may now download the latest library when changes are available to apply without delays. AOS-CX is the first product to use the new method.


Improved multi-language support

Why is this interesting? Administrative workflows have been updated for Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.  All end user workflows have been updated and now also include support for Portuguese and Hindi languages.


Improved MAC address searching

Why is this interesting? MAC addresses may be searched using any format but are now displayed using a standard AA.BB.AA.BB.AA.BB format. 


What’s New pop-up

Why is this interesting? Provides a list of the key features in a release to administrative users as well as the link to the Release Notes to learn more about the new functionality. 


As always, please take note of the ‘Changes of Behaviors’ section of the release notes (


Unlike previous releases, this software is being released exclusively through the Aruba Support Portal (ASP). 


A big thanks and congratulations to the ClearPass Engineering, ClearPass QA and TechPubs teams for reaching this milestone!


Best regards,

The ClearPass Team


Re: ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9 Releases

Please note that we have temporarily disabled the downloads after an issue with TACACS+ authentication was identified.  We will re-post the downloads next week and subsequently release a hotfix to address the TACACS+ issues for those customers who may be impacted.


Re: ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9 Releases

The 6.9.0 upgrades and images are again available for download from the Aruba Support Portal ( or from ClearPass Policy Manager systems under Software Updates.


The "ClearPass 6.9.0 Hotfix for TACACS+ using subnet defined NADs" is also available for all customers who are using TACACS+ services.  Information about this hotfix can be found at


Re: ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9 Releases

Due to a newly identified issue with some customers upgrading from earlier releases with older Dell based appliances (e.g. systems originally sold as CP-HW-25K v1) we are temporarily suspending the 6.9.0 downloads again until we can determine if these are isolated failures.

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