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ClearPass Profiling - Manual Updates

A couple questions regarding ClearPass and it's fingerprinting.


1. If I have a device show up as Generic category, but an OS Family that I have other devices matching, if I manually update their fingerprint, that shouldn't cause any issues with other devices correct?


Example: Device A profiled as Generic, OS Family is Axis. I have other Axis devices classified as IP Cameras. If I update the Generic ones to IP Cameras as their category, that shouldn't cause any issues with any other profiles correct?


2. If I have (2) different devices that send similar or exact same DHCP options, and I manually update the fingerprint on one, could that affect the others as well with the same DHCP options?


Example: Windows Computer and Medical Device running Windows-based OS both show up as Windows Computer. If I update the Medical Device, could that affect all fingerprinted Windows Computers?



Michael Haring
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Re: ClearPass Profiling - Manual Updates

Good q. 


I'll be happy if someone will answer it.



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