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ClearPass SSO authentication with a proxy server

Recently we implemented clearpass and we are authenticating users against existing AD to access the wireless network everything is perfect, however when they try to browse the internet via bluecoat proxy they are prompted for second authentication which is not acceptable as the users need to re-enter the same credential twice in order to access the internet.  

Is there any way where we can configure the clearpass ‘know’ that a client has authenticated to AD and can then pass those same credentials to the upstream proxy ?



Re: ClearPass SSO authentication with a proxy server

As of today you can use a single sign on server and authenticate in to CPPM and that session would hold on over to the web proxy but we do not act as a SSO server so we cannot send the credentials to the proxy directly.



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Re: ClearPass SSO authentication with a proxy server

Thanks Tarnold for your swift response, I would appreciate if you can provide me with further details

do you  prefer specific SSO server ? 


thanx again


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