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ClearPass Self-Registration Receipt Login Button Issue

I have a 6.6 appliance that I'm using for guest based authenticatrion.  the redirect to the web login page I made works, and I'm able to log in with local guest accounts.  I can also successfully click a registration link, which brings me toa  Guest Self-Registration page where I'm able to register new guest accounts.  I get the visitor receipt which contains a login button.  


This login button doesn't work.  Similarly, if I then click "Already have account" I'm redirected to a different web login page that also doesn't work.


Looking in Access Tracker I see that the failed requests come in as application WEBAUTH, and so they're not matching either my Guest RADIUS policy, or my Guest Application policy that I created from templates.


What's the correct way to proceed?  Is there some other service I need to build to manually handle those secondary login pages, or some way I can modify the origina service?



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Re: ClearPass Self-Registration Receipt Login Button Issue

Turns out I had failed to configure the NAS settings for the Guest Self-Registration page.  It now correctly matches the Guest Access service and logins work fine.

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