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ClearPass Syslog Export Filter Update Frequency

We're using Syslog Export Filters to keep track of user login attempts in order to build an Access Tracker-like tool that also interfaces with some of our other systems. The tool is up and running and works pretty well but unfortunately ClearPass seems to hold requests for about 2 minutes before sending them all in a large batch. 


Is there any way to change how often it sends the requests? It would be beneficial if our tool could be updated more frequently.




Re: ClearPass Syslog Export Filter Update Frequency

This is a limitation of the batching today of the syslog export, its not real-time. We have had a number of conversations to reduce the batch window but no immediate plans.

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Re: ClearPass Syslog Export Filter Update Frequency

Hi Danny,


Thank you for the quick response even though it's not the answer I was hoping to get. Is there any other way of retrieving login attempts from CPPM? And what is keeping Aruba from making the batching window configurable? 



Re: ClearPass Syslog Export Filter Update Frequency

Authentication logging goes through the database, which facilitates centralized logging in cluster environments, however makes real-time syslog events somewhat challenging and requires fundamental changes in the way how logging is implemented. The log viewer in the product is real-time.


Please ask your partner, or if you are a partner to go to the idea portal in the Partner Center to add your specific requirements to the idea with the name: "ClearPass sent all events to external syslog immediately".

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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