ClearPass VIP - Manually fail over

Good morning everyone,


I had a customer lose their Publisher and the Subscriber became the active node due to the VIP configuration. The Publisher is back online, and customer wants it to be the active node for the VIP again, does it automatically fail back or do you have to do this manually?


If manually, is there any way to do it without impacting the things using the VIP (Guest access/RADIUS)?


I assume you can delete the configuration and re-add it, but that would caues a bit of an outage, but if that's the only option we can do that if we need to.



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Re: ClearPass VIP - Manually fail over

I believe it depends on what version of ClearPass software you are running.

In older versions, you had to reset the database on the failed publisher and re-add it back to the cluster and then you could make it a publisher. It was a bit of a pain.

In the later versions I believe there was a seemless way of re-creating the cluster once a failed node had recovered but I'm guessing you are not seeing an option to do that.

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