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ClearPass blacklist guest users

I'm seeing an issue on CPPM 6.3.4 where guest users are getting put into the clearpass blacklist upon account expiration. I thought this was only for bandwidth limit and session duration? 


We have guest account set for 7 days mac caching and 5 active-session-count limit. No bandwidth or session limits. 




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Re: ClearPass blacklist guest users

I'm having the same problem. Clients get put in the blacklist for some reason.


Visitors can get a pass for 24 hours using self-registration. After 24 hours they can just register again. 

I assume that if I set the action to delete after expiration, it will not put the clients in the blacklist. However I need to keep these accounts in the database for logging purposes. So deleting them is not an option.

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Re: ClearPass blacklist guest users

i am having the same problem.  I have users that are getting on the blacklist after account expiration (12hrs.).  I have seen in other posts that the accounts are going to get removed from the blacklist in 34-36 hours.  Has anyone found a solution for this?  

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