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ClearPass login page would not load!!


Every time I create a guest SSID on my controller and I test it, it works just fine and takes me to the web portal and I login with internal database.

But once I go to

Security > Authentication > L3 Authentication>Captive Portal Authentication Profile > guestLAB-cp_prof


And I replace the login page with https://clearpass_ip/guest/aruba_login.php (which is my Clearpass guest page), the page would not load! Clients would connect and get an IP but once I open a web page with firefox for an example, I get the accept cert and then it times out!!


Any idea what is missing here?


AOS is 6.3

CPPM is 6.3



Re: ClearPass login page would not load!!

Make sure you disable https on both CPGuest and the controller
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Re: ClearPass login page would not load!!


In the logon role did you added the clearpass IP and allow http and https to the IP? Are you getting the same experience when you try to use http instead of https.

I am also wondering if the guest user can access the clearpass IP.

Can you please post some screen shots identifying your FW rules under the guest logon role.

BTW did you follow the clearpass guest deployment guide. Please make sure you are following the right document.

Thank you,
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