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ClearPass manual Cluster Failover - resore process

I've been configuring a ClearPass cluster without automatic failover, and I'm curious to know the correct process for restoring to the original state following a manual failover...


CP1 = Publisher

CP2 = Subscriber


Scenario: CP1 fails (data centre gets hit by an asteroid) and CP2 is manually promoted to Publisher.


What is the correct way to eventually rebuild CP1 and re-add to the cluster as Publisher, without loosing any configuration changes that have been made while CP2 has been Publisher?



I'm guessing the following?

1) Re-add CP1 as subscriber to CP2

2) Shutdown CP2

3) Promote CP1 to subscriber

4) Reset database on CP2 and make subscriber to CP1




Re: ClearPass manual Cluster Failover - resore process



Did you read my CPPM Clustering TechNote, page 44-45 covers what you need to do.


But basically.....

  • on CP2 you likely have to force drop the CP1 node
  • on CP1 in the cli 'cluster reset-database'
  • reload CP1
  • re-add CP1 node to cluster
  • then after they have sync'd you'll have to promote the nodes as required.

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