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ClearPass morph-vm command

Hi All,


I'm looking at options for converting an EVAL-VM to a production VA-5K appliance.


I found the commands to do this but wanted to find out if there are any risks / considerations in doing this or if there is a process to do this.


It looks pretty straight forward but just want to double check.


[appadmin@matrixcppm.cppm.local]# system morph-vm CP-VA-5K
WARN: VM will be morphed to CP-VA-5K. Once initiated
you cannot revert to the existing version CP-SW-EVAL.

All services will be stopped and a reboot initiated to complete
this operation.
Press 'y' or 'Y' to proceed: n
ERROR: Aborting on user request


Re: ClearPass morph-vm command

It is strait forward, just make sure you VM meets the sizing requirements Ram, Processor, and HD. If it does not then I would create a new VM and backup and restore.
Thank You,

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Re: ClearPass morph-vm command

Thanks Troy!

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