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ClearPass service templates / wizards for guest in 6.5

not sure if anyone uses these or everyone builds their own these days. but i recently told some people they are quite good to start with.


now when i wanted to use one for guest access i wonder if that is still the case. first of all there are only templates for guest access, no wizard (never understood the difference in them anyway). then when you select the category guest templates (via drop down) you don't get the guest access with mac caching, that is in "other" category.


in the past when you selected the one for guest access with mac caching you ended up with three services i believe. that is no longer the case, you only get the the radius auth en mac auth service, the pre auth one you have to do seperately. this is confusing in my opinion, because a default web login page has pre auth against CPPM application enabled.


next to that the access restriction tab is quite complex, it took me some time before i understood how they wanted me to use it. it is nice this is possible, but a step too far for most guest access deployments i believe. making it optional, like with the Posture Checks, would be better.


done with rambling, back to using it.

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