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Clearpass 6.1 VM system requirements

We are running Amigopod/Clearpass 3.9.8 on two clustered hardware appliances.  We are looking at upgrading to Clearpass 6.1 to gain a few key features we have been missing from 3.x -- most notably the ability to enforce concurrent session limits across both web auth and mac auth users.

Going forward, we will use the VMware appliance for both testing and production.  We are currently licensed for 2000 users on Amigopod/Clearpass and haven't seen more than 1500 concurrent sessions.  Therefore, we will probably be using the 5000 license Clearpass which has the following system requirements according to the 'Tech Note: Installing or Upgrading on a Virtual Machine'  :

 8 Virtual CPUs
 250 GB disk space
 8 GB RAM
 2 Gigabit virtual switched ports (Only one is needed if you do not use separate ports for data and
management traffic.)

Since we won't hit 5K sessions, and probably top out at 1500, would 4 virtual CPUs be sufficient?  We don't want to oversubscribe the CPUs on this particular VMware server.  At the same time, we don't want to degrade the performance of the Clearpass boxes.



Re: Clearpass 6.1 VM system requirements

The VM are locked down to the specified cores. The core size is not only based on users it's also for database and reporting.
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