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Clearpass 6.3.4, Endpoint Repository Auto Remove


We have a Guest Portal setup to authenticate guest's after they accept our AUP. Which basically consists of them joining our Guest SSID, they will be redirected to the Captive Portal where they have to check the box under the AUP and click login. 


This adds their MAC to the Endpoint Repository and uses an account we made that allows them to login with a Guest Role in our Network.


However today we seem to have found a quirk. We Have a rule setup that Enables Mac Authentication. 


We also use the rule "Authorization:[Endpoints Repository]:Unique-Device-Count GREATER_THAN 100   [Deny Access Profile]"


The thought was this would make it so we would max out the number of guests allowed on the network to be 100. However, it seems that the Endpoint Repository is not removing old Macs. So we hit this Cap with only 1 Guest user trying to log in. 


Is there a way to auto remove [x] Age mac's? Or to even just cleanup the Repository every 24 hours? 

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