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Clearpass 6.6 upgrade woes

Well this is fun. Looking for advice ... see end


Upgrading from CPPM 6.5.6 to 6.6 - plan is to migrate 1 CPPM appliance at a time from a 6.5.6 cluster to a 6.6 cluster So ....


build 6.5.6 master publisher vm and restore a backup of our real master publisher into it

upgrade to 6.6. and check everything works

leave for week with some auths going through it

suddenly at 14:22 last thursday event log shows CPU IOWait errors

Reboot server

happens again

mention it to systems - and the clearpass vm is flatlining  the CPU on our netapps

shutdown clearpass, netapp back to normal, restart VM netapp squeaks

backup 6.6. config  and destroy VM

build new VM (clearpassm0)  using the 6.6 OVA

import config

System working

test for normal operation and pass users to it, everything works.

install (new) hardware appliance running 6.6, make subscriber to above system (clearpass5)

everything works - now got cluster of 2 machines running 6.6



# Now for the bad bit


remove 6.5.6 subscriber from other cluster. (clearpass4)

Download 6.6 update

At home - 4:15 this morning click install on update, told it to keep its database configs. BTW backup file ~8Gbytes

6:30 - hasn't finished yet

At work 9:15  - ready for reboot - reboot VM

11:15 - comes back from reboot

Device working standalone just fine

Tell it to become subscriber to  clearpassm0


# This go apes**t!


master publisher stops authenticating and clearpass5 says cleapassm0 is down

clearpass4 says its synching

clearpass5 says its now out of sync.


ssh into clearpassm0

type "cluster list"

console hangs

ctl-C out of it

type another command  - that hangs

reboot clearpassm0

VMWare says lots of CPU activity

can SSh into it and commands respond

no web interface on clearpassm0 after hours

web interface on clearpass4 tries to do something ( at welcome action page) but nothing appears

can ssh into clearpass4


What do I do now? Just leave it for another few hours?

Feeling is to start again and rebuild all the VMS and ditch the sesion data and insight stuff ..... which is what we actually want to keep!



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Re: Clearpass 6.6 upgrade woes

o.k. got things working, thank god for a command line. However have lost all insight data and what was my new master publisher was totally trashed, none of the cluster ... commands would work including the reset database one. Ended up rebuilding that VM.

oh well, started the day with a 2 dev cluster and a standalone device and ended day with 2 dev cluster and  a standalone device  .... without any insight or historic data ...


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