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Clearpass - ASA - acl-set-name

I have ASA using Clearpass for 802.1x and DACL enforcement. This works great for ACL's define in an enforcement profile. 


I woule like to create an Enforcement to call an ACL that already exists on the ASA. I beleive I want to use the 'acl-set-name' DACL per the ASA documentation. I do not see this as an option in the Cisco or the Cisco-ASA dictionaries. 


How do I call an existing ACL?

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Re: Clearpass - ASA - acl-set-name

I may have answered my own question. I think i need to use a Cisco AV-Pair and issue a URL Redirect and call the appropriate ACL. Just like you would for a switch. I dont have the propper code running on my Lab ASA but when I do, I will test this and post back for others. 

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