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Clearpass + Aruba Instant + Self-sponsoring

Hello community, I was configuring an scenario with a cluster of Aruba Instant, Clearpass 6.4 and a SSID with Guest Self-Registration and Self-Sponsoring (grace-period of some minutes for looking at the email).


I have seen a guide that describes a similar scenario but the principal difference is that uses a Aruba Controller instead of a Instant cluster. The guide is:

I can't follow this guide because the options in the controller / Aruba Instant are not similar. There is any other guide with the scenario described?

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Re: Clearpass + Aruba Instant + Self-sponsoring

Do you want them to change VLAN once authenticated or just same vlan? 


You can create a guest SSID and use the authentication option external captive portal and add the clearpass guest url there. 

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Re: Clearpass + Aruba Instant + Self-sponsoring

I don't really need to use different VLAN.
Yes, I have made a Guest Self-registration and a Guest Self-sponsorship with the Aruba Instant in combination with Clearpasst (using the way you describe, external auth) but the real resultat that I need is:

-- User connects to the guest ssid.

-- Instant AP redirects to the Guest-Self registration page.

-- Clearpass send an email to the address that user typed.

-- User have a role that permit navigation during 10 minutes, grace period for navigate to the webmail and validate the connection (self-sponsorship).


I don't know how to do the grace-period of 10 minutes without using a Aruba Controller (Change of Authority feature).

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Re: Clearpass + Aruba Instant + Self-sponsoring

I am the author of that original guide.  It was written for cppm a few versions back.  Things have changed a bit through the versions and this can be achieved much easier.  Please see this more recent and excellent guide here.  It is based on IAP as well.  Enjoy. :-)

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