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Clearpass: Determine which HD I'm booted from


I'm running Clearpass 6.2 (exact version below, but 25k version).  I have three Harddrives, SCSI 0:0, 0:1 and 0:2, where 1 and 2 are 500gig.  The upgrade to 6.3 says I need to add a new 1024gig disk and remove the 'inactive' one.  How do I determine which is the inactive disk without rebooting?  (want to minimize downtime)


From the CLI I can enter:

# system boot-image -l

ClearPass Platform

Aruba ClearPass [Active]


I could jump to the conclusion that these are ordered and 0:1 is CP 6.1 and 0:2 is the active 6.2.  But I'd like to be sure before I remove it.  I'd also love to verify that my newly added disk is recognized after I reboot in order to discover it.  Any way to do that?  Not seeing the option in the GUI or CLI.  (I wish I had a real shell! :)



Re: Clearpass: Determine which HD I'm booted from
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Re: Clearpass: Determine which HD I'm booted from


Ah, I see on the second page.  I didn't see that when I first browsed that thread.  This is the relevant bits that dannyjump posted:

Figuring out which disk is active v inactive, the best way is to use the vSphere/vCenter vSphere.....

Go to the monitoring page and click on performance. There will be a drop-down list on the RHS of the screen....'Switch to:' Select virtual disk......if you only see a single disk....go to chart options and ensure all disk are selected under 'Objects'.......
You should see either disk one (scsi 0:1)  or two (scsi 0:2) with activity.  The one that does not have any activity can be deleted and then re-added, ensure you double the size of this disk from its previous size.
This makes total sense.  In vSphere I do see a disk with 0 activity and one with a bunch.  However, I suspect because of how I added the disks, the two disks show up as the same iSCSI Device target.  I thought to check vSphere's (I've got 5.1) datastore to see which vmdk file wast modified but that doesn't help either (modified date was 4 days ago on both the vmdk files).
I suppose I may have to suck it up and reboot to see.
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Re: Clearpass: Determine which HD I'm booted from


Ok, posted too quickly again.  I found it under "Virtual Disk":


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