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Clearpass Fail redirect after guest self-registration

hi guys, I have an issue with ClearPass. I'm using a Cisco WLC 7.4 integrated with ClearPass For the configuration i have followed this guide: "Amigopod Cisco WLC Integration Guide-0.93b" During the test, the guest compile the form of registration, and the sponsor give the authorization to him. the guest click on the log-in button that became blue. At this point, on the browser i can see the redirection to or something like this. after some seconds, the guest is redirected to Guest Self-registration page again. In log of ClearPass i don't see nothing, but in the WLC log i can see this error: "*webauthRedirect: Sep 25 10:46:15.910: #EMWEB-6-PARSE_ERROR: webauth_redirect.c:1001 parser exited. client mac= cc:3a:61:94:28:e9 bytes parsed = 0 and bytes read = 216 *webauthRedirect: Sep 25 10:46:15.910: #EMWEB-6-HTTP_REQ_BEGIN_ERR: http_parser.c:579 http request should begin with a character" Do you know if there are issue or incompatibilities about this versions? and have you some solution that i can try? Thanks in advance. Best regards Andrea

Re: Clearpass Fail redirect after guest self-registration

Can you try http vs https?  In the Configuration --> Authentication settings in ClearPass Guest, uncheck the require https option.  In addition, in the redirect for the WLC, use http.



Seth R. Fiermonti
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Re: Clearpass Fail redirect after guest self-registration

hi Seth, and thanks for your answer.


Yes, i tried.

But the result is the same.



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Re: Clearpass Fail redirect after guest self-registration

Hello Andrea, 


   I'm having exactly the same issue. It seems that the ClearPass is not sending something to the WLC to indicate the user is authenticated. Did you see anything in the Policy Manager related with the authentication process.?

  I'd be grateful if you can tell me how did you solve this issue. 




Katherine V.

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