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Clearpass Growth

I have a CP-VA-500, we have recently started seeing more 'unique devices' 


It appears we are seeing about 600 unique devices now. However, only seeing about 510ish a day. 


I read that supposedly we'll stop being able to change configuration if we stay over that threshold. Is that accurate?


What is the best option for upgrading for our slight growth? I see there is a 5k option, but that seems to be overkill for our enviornment. Is it possible to run 2 of the 500s side by side to handle the increase in users?


Only about 20-30 are Guests, most are active users. 

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Re: Clearpass Growth

The ClearPass Policy Manager license is based on a 7-day rolling average. That possibly means your 7 day average is lower than 500 endpoints if you don't have that many authentications during the weekend. Also see the licensing TechNote attached.


If you want to expand its possible to add another ClearPass Policy Manager instance and create a cluster of two times CP-VA-500. This would gives you 1000 endpoint licenses and 50 enterprise licenses.


Both CPPM instances can concurrently handle authentications, so you could load balance RADIUS requests to both instances.



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Re: Clearpass Growth

We purchased a new license for a second Clearpass server. Can you, or anyone, direct me towards some documentation about converting my Clearpass to a Cluster? I haven't been able to drum up much from searching the forums. There is a lot to sift through. 


Is it covered in the user manual? (I don't see a section about setting it up) 

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