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Clearpass Guest - Creating multiple Guest accounts (Custom username)



We are attempting to close our on our Guest Account creation options. We have self-registration and sponsorship wrapped up with an option for the sponsor to determine the length of the guest account duration. 


We are stuck on planned events for larger audiences where we do not wish to use "Random" usernames. We want to be able to provide a Sponsor Role in the Guest product that use native clearpass to create more than on account using unique Guest information (Name, Email address (username), Phone, Account Duration). We are looking for a one page form that multiple lines of data can be populated and submitted in one step and email the Guest(s) there new account details. We are happy with the creation of the Role part but just lacking the form that meets our needs.


- Looked at a single user form one at a time but the sponsor has to keep re-selecting the term (Annoying)

- Looked at import and this makes it a bit more complex for the self enabled Sponsor and prone to mistakes. 


Can something be done natively in the Clearpass forms to make this happen?




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