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Clearpass Guest E-Mail recipient not working

Dear Airheads Community,


maybe someone could help me out with this.

I have to configure a Guest Self Register Workflow where the Guest enters a sponsor Mail address and his own Mail address. I do not want the Guest to receive a mail but the sponsor should receive this mail just to let the sponsor know that this event has happend. The sponsor does not need to confirm this. My problem is, that I do not get the e-mail delivered! If I test this with the Send "Test Mail" function it works. In real life it doesn`t. I only get this error message in the log and can't tell where to change something to get rid of the missing permissions.

Any ideas?


Client:    :

Script:    /opt/amigopod/www/cpg_background.php

Function:  {closure}

Arguments: array (

  'error' => 1,

  'message' => 'Failed to send data [SMTP: Failed to write to socket: unknown error (code: 354, response: Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>)]',


Details:   array (

  'fn' => 'NwaSmtpRawSend',

  'args' => array (

    0 =>,',

    1 => array (

      'From' =>,

      'To' =>,

      'Subject' => 'Access Denied. You have not been granted the ‘view’ permission for the ‘Sponsorship Confirmation’ print template.',

      'Cc' =>',


    2 => '',

    3 => array (

      'use_sendmail' => false,

      'smtp_from_address' =>’,

      'smtp_headers' => '',

      'smtp_hostname' => mailserver,

      'smtp_port' => '25',

      'smtp_username' => '',

      'smtp_password' => '',

      'smtp_security' => 'none',

      'smtp_ssl' => false,



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