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Clearpass Guest Self Reg - Link to another page with Access Code



I currently have a guest portal setup where guest hit a self registration page and are presented with terms and conditions and an option to hit the accept button to connect, MAC authentication is performed (via web-auth) and they are automaticaly COA'd off the network and connect back and receive the guest role with the relevant enforcement profiles.


What I'd like to do is create a link on the page, for a different type of guest, so that they can click it and go to another page where they have do some sort of basic authentication (i.e. access code) before they are granted access and given more leniant enfrocement profiles (i.e. more data, more speed etc.).


So far with my testing what I've done with 2nd page is leave only the username and terms&conditions fields on there. With the username I've set Validtior as 'IsIdentical' and the Validator Arguement as my access-code that the guest have to enter. I've also added MAC-AUTH field so that Clearpass will create the guest MAC is the guest device repo at registration.



The link works and the access code part of it works as well, but when they click 'Register' I get the error 'Please enter a valid MAC address'. I suspect the client MAC is not being passed across the two self-reg pages and therefore CP Guest can't see the client's MAC address. I though this was default behaviour (to keep guest infromation whilst moving across CP Guest pages) and if it's not is there a way to enable it? If that isn't possible is there any way such as querying DHCP or the WLC for the client's MAC based on it's IP?


Also is there a better way of acheiving this sort of guest portal, I wasn't able to find any examples on the forum or in docs?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Clearpass Guest Self Reg - Link to another page with Access Code

Anyone out there who's implemented a guest portal with a link to another guest page that uses MAC authentication? Is it possible to retain the users details, such as thier MAC address, as the user moves across Clearpas Guest web pages?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Clearpass Guest Self Reg - Link to another page with Access Code



You need to add "?" at the end of the second page URL. This will carry the information like, swith IP, MAC address, SSID, etc. received when the user was redirected to the first page that contain link to second page.



<a href="https://<ClearPass_IPorFQDN>/guest/<pagename>.php?"> 

Thank you,
Saravanan Rajagopal

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