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Clearpass - Guest Self-Registration



For clearpass guest self-registration where do i need to configure the parameters so that when a guest registered on the wireless network the user will be given 1 hour only? since the default is 8 hours for self-reg.


I tried to change the expiration time on the managed user but is there a way to have it to 1 hour only once the user is connected via guest self-reg.



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Re: Clearpass - Guest Self-Registration

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Re: Clearpass - Guest Self-Registration

All fields on a self-reg are configured on the 'Form' of the 'Register Page' section of the self-reg process map.  expire_after defaults to 24 (hours) and you can edit that or swap it for expire_time or modify_expire_time.  Searching the Guest guide for modify_expire_time should get you to the section that full explains all the expiration options.

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