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Clearpass Guest Self Sponsored Registration

I am currently working on setting up a Clearpass Guest Self registration with self sponsorship.  We need to be able to validate that the end user email address is valid.  I have been working from the article 'How to configure self sponsored guest access with 5 minutes of initial access?' as a guide.  


This has been a thorough guide, however the problem I am running into is the login button on the 'Guest Register Receipt' page.  Once the user completes the self registration form, they are directed to the Guest Register Receipt page which has a login button.  


Self Sponsorship Request.png


At this point the user is able to click the login button and complete the registration, which we do not want since they have not yet validated the email address.  


Under the Receipt page configuration within the self registration page I can select to Override the Receipt and do not include guest contents.  


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 1.40.23 PM.png


If I select this option, then the login is not available at the intial completion of the registraion form.  The user then receives an email and needs to click the link and confirm the self sponsorship.  Once they click confirm, they again see the 'Guest Register Receipt'  however in either scenario, the login button does not show up after the user confirms the sponsorship.  


Self Sponsorship Confirmed.png

Has anyone else been through this process and been able to succesfully login after self sponsorship?  



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Re: Clearpass Guest Self Sponsored Registration

Yes. Have you enabled sponsorship on the guest self-registration page?


You can just enable iut and change the sponsor email field to "email" and it should work.





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Re: Clearpass Guest Self Sponsored Registration

Hi James, thanks for the reply, yes I have enabled the sponsor and set the email field to email.  The process works, as far as getting the email and confirming the self sponsorship.  However the very last step, the user is presented with a self-registration receipt.  That receipt should have a 'Login' button to submit the second authentication request.  The user is only presented with activation details but not an option to Login at this point.

Self Sponsorship Confirmed.png


 I have opened a case with the TAC to see if we can get this resolved.  



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Re: Clearpass Guest Self Sponsored Registration


you get that resolved working with TAC ?

what was the issue ? 

i'm currently running on the same case.

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