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Clearpass Guest Sponsor_Lookup Cannot Search for Users

Hello All,


I'm currently in the process of the deploying our guest wi-fi and I'm having issues with the sponsor_lookup field.  I have replaced the sponsor_email field with the sponsor_lookup field on the registration form and added my ldap server name to the ajax.args.server option in the select2 options.


My current server config in Administration --> Operator Logins --> Servers


Server Type: Microsoft Active Directory

Filter:  User the default LDAP filter

Display Attributes: #sAMAccountName = id
                               displayName = text
                               # title = desc
                               userPrincipalName = desc

Sort by:  displayName

Attribut Mapping: sponsor_lookup | email


When I test the settings it can successfully do a "perform authentication test" and "perform a lookup" but it FAILS for a "perform a search"


I receive the following message:(I believe this is the issue with cannot search users error when testing out the registration page.

array (
  'error' => 1,
  'message' => 'LDAP Connect failed',
  'network_error' => 1,
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