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Clearpass Guest login valid only during certain hours



I'm looking for a solution in CPPM/Guest to provide access to some guest accounts, but only during certain hours on certain days.

So a guest account is created and expires after 1 month (for example). That account (used by a wireless guest user) should only be able to log in between 6PM and 9PM on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


When the account logs in on a Monday at 7PM, access should be granted, and the wifi session should be terminated at 9PM.


Is that possible with CPPM and how can it be done?

The wireless environment is Aruba Instant.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Clearpass Guest login valid only during certain hours

Yes this is possible in the guest access (or MAC Caching) service by leveraging the Time source as context. You can write up policies for certain days of the week and hours within the days. 

Seth R. Fiermonti
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Re: Clearpass Guest login valid only during certain hours

Hi Seth,


Do you have some examples to implement this?
We have tested it, but the behavior is not as we would expect it: once the initial guest account is logged in for the first time during the allowed hours, he is able to log in every time and every day, without restrictions of allowed hours.


Any example of this would help me a lot. Thanks in advance!

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