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Clearpass Guest - modifying forms

Sorry this is a bit long winded ...


I'm looking at tailoring the mac_create clearpass guest form for our users. Basically and end user just needs to 

1). Enter a name for their device

2). Enter the mac address of their device

3). Select a device type from a drop down list

3a). Based upon what they've selected in 3, display the airgroup_shared_user field if appropriate

4). Accept Terms and Conditions

5). Click submit


So I duplicated the mac_create form and then modified the fields I didn't want to be seen to be "hidden"  and where appropriate set their inital values to what I wanted as their defaults.


This all worked except of course the fields were now changed from their original values so if i go into mac_edit I now get my new settings instead of the originl ones. ... not what I wanted I wanted mac_edir to see the original settings.


Next step was to duplicate the fields I wanted to have different default values and use them in my mac_create_2 form. Basically I took a field and created an equivalent one with UoY_ at the beginning.


Again this worked and my mac_create looked as I wanted and didn't generate any errors


The only problem of course is that the hidden (new) default settings  aren't assigned to the original field names, they're assigned to "UoY_<original_field_name>


What I'd like is to have the original field name with my new setting  i.e. take an instance of a field so that within a form the "standard" field name has a different value. e.g. the airgroup_shared field lets you select a device to be personal or shared. In my mac_create form I want it to default to personal and hidden, that way anywhere else in clearpass has airgroup_shared set to an appropriate value and I don't have to go and make sure I'm using UoY_airgroup_shared 


Is this doable ?


Re: Clearpass Guest - modifying forms

if you want a custom field, that will not affect existing (default) fields that are referenced elsewhere, you must copy the default, which you did, and modify the copy appropriately. You can set the field value, that would be presented to the user, if visible, to the same as the default one, but the actual field name cannot be duplicate. If you wanted to use the original name, you need to modify the original field - you can just append (default) or (original) to the end. You did the steps correctly.


Michael Haring
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