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Clearpass Guest, problem



I'm trying to configure Clearpass guest for Selfregistration.

I use document "amigopod-aos-integration-appnote.pdf"

Internal RADIUS of Clearpass.


User go to registration page, enters his phone and email, gets his username and password.

He enter his login/pass on login page, after this browser shows error:

can't resolve domain name


No access to Internet.

DNS configured correctly, SSID with pre-shared key works with the same VLAN normally.


What I make wrong ?

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Re: Clearpass Guest, problem

Did you install a certificate on the controller?


If you did, you need to reflect the common name field in the certificate in the clearpass configuration. You do so in the NAS login details within the guest registration page you're using (it's labeled as IP address, but you can set the fqdn/common name in the controller cert instead).


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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