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Clearpass HW appliance SWAP DISK - high usage and rising



I`ve revcently observed higher SWAP DISK usage, and what is more its rising slightly every day.


Whereas other values given in Tips > Dashboard are on typical (for my deployment) levels (Memory: 38% , Swap Mem: 46% , Disk: 32%) the Swap Disk usage suddenly rised from less then 20% to 126%. After a week I`ve got now 140%. From what I see in logs cleanup scripts work in given interval, no error messages in Event Viewer as well.


I`m using CPPM 6.7(5) which is a hardware appliance on HP Proliant gen9 with 1TB, 64GB RAM.


Have anyone had such an issue?

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Re: Clearpass HW appliance SWAP DISK - high usage and rising



When there is a spike in memory usage. The swap increases, it would eventually go down after some time, but yeah it is annoying to see it. The best way to track if the spike in the memory is normal, is to have a snmp server, monitoring clearpass. If you have Airwave, you could add clearpass to it and configure trigger alerts for memory, cpu or disk upto some threshold. Then, we could check the logs to see for that timestamp, when the alert generated to understand, why the high spike on memory, to troubleshoot accordingly.


we can directly configure triggers on Clearpass too, but as of today, we dont have an option to configure alerts for memory, we have it for CPU and Disk usage only.  This link below helps in setting alerts for them, on clearpass


I would recommend you to open a TAC case, so they can collect the logs and check the memory usage to make sure, if everything is good. 





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Re: Clearpass HW appliance SWAP DISK - high usage and rising

Hello everyone,


Maybe that will be helpfull for someone: I`ve opened case with TAC and this issue has been resolved by running "swapoff -a" on CentOS level.


In my case I didn`t see any performance drop, iLO logs were fine as well, so maybe this was some system counter issue.

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