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Clearpass Integration with Restful API



We have following scenario at customer. They have one form to fill to get approval for Guest entry in Customer premises. Once that form get approved from Security team, they call Clearpass API Service to create Guest Account. I need clarification on following queries.


  1. Is it possible, once API Client call API Service to create Guest Account, Clearpass generate random password and send sms to Guest Mobile number. Guest UserName is his/her Mobile Number. API Client sending following attributes (Username, Start_time & expire_time)
  2. Is it possible, once guest account become active, Clearpass send SMS at that time, not at a time when guest account has been created. For example, Guest Account is created today but start_time is tomorrow morning 8am. Guest should receive sms tomorrow at 8am not today.
  3. We configure “Expired guest accounts cleanup interval” interval is 1 day. I want guest account should deleted from Clearpass, once its account expire. What parameters required for API Client so that when guest account expire, Clearpass should delete the guest account.
  4. Sometime there is need for Guest to come two days, but Guest Form allowed only one day permission. Customer Employee has to fill Guest Permission form two time and 2nd time on day of his first day. Issue is that on first day guest account has been created but to fill form for 2nd day, guest still has account active in Clearpass so get error “Account already exists”. How to call API so that, if account not exists, account will created but if it’s already exists Clearpass append its attributes for example expiry_time only.
  5. In future, we have only Login Page as Landing Page, Guest are not allowed to self-Register himself. What if he forget password but still he has account active, how can he reset his password using his username (Mobile number). So that Clearpass send him again random password.



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