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Clearpass OnBoard Windows XP


I'm trying to test the OnBoard functionality of Clearpass; I do an 802.1x authentication SSID, whit theClearpass RADIUS and with a self-signed generate certificate from Clearpass.

On a Windows 7 PC all works fine: I connect to my SSID, insert my credential, download and run Aruba QuickConnect that install the certificate and configure my SSID profile, and I have access to the network. But on Windows XP clients this doesn't work! When the WIndows XP clients download and run Aruba QuickConnect, Windows XP gives an error message: the certificate installed is not trusted, so the clients continue to require a valid certificate to connect to the SSID.

The procedure for WIndows 7 and Windows XP is exactly the same.


Is this a well-known bug? Or I miss something for Windows XP?

The Clearpass version is and the ArubaOS of my controller is 6.4.






Massimo Gallina
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