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Clearpass Publisher-Subscriber

Dear all expers,

I'm implementing clearpass with these solution:

1. Have 2 clearpass VA-25K , each VA-25 is separately running on different ESXi host like this.


                 ESXi(1)                                 ESXi(2)

                 CPPM-1                                CPPM-2

           IP: (Publisher)       (Subscriber)   


2. I made CPPM-2 to be subscriber of CPPM-1 and at CPPM-1, i configured "TRUE" for standby Publisher and point Standby Subscriber to "CPPM-2" and configure Wait time to 5 min.

3.After that on Dashboard of both CPPMs, CPPM-1 was Publisher and CPPM-2 was Subscriber.

4. I took out LAN cable of CPPM-1, after that around 8-9 mins, CPPM-2 was changed to Publisher role.

5. I pushed CPPM-1 LAN cable back and CPPM-1 role was Publisher but it pop-up me with warning that we must reset database of CPPM-1 and re-join again.



5.1 I reset cluster database  on CPPM-1 and re-join again with Subscriber role. Then it's work fine but CPPM-2 will be Publisher and CPPM-1 will be Subscriber. However i click on CPPM-1 to "Promote to Publisher" then CPPM-1 was changed to Publisher and CPPM-2 was changed to Subscriber.

For (5.1) , it's work fine.


On the other hand,If

5.2 I reset cluster database on CPPM-2 and re-join with subscriber role to CPPM-1. It can't work and when i run CLI "cluster make-subscriber -i ..." on CPPM-2 , i showed me like CPPM-2 can't addSubscriber , try again... something like that.


So i'm not sure for the correct concept , when CPPM-1 (Publisher) is down and CPPM-2 take Publisher. How should we do when CPPM-1 come back?


Thanks ..







Re: Clearpass Publisher-Subscriber

You basically captured the correct step in your "5.1".


I have a sizeable amount of data around this topic in my CPPM Clustering Technote. Take a look at this doc to see if it also provides you additional inisigt to this topic.


CPPM TechNote - Clustering Design Guidelines V1



Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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