Clearpass RADIUS User Roles not showing?



I created a User Roles under the RADIUS tab on the Clearpass.

When I was finished and went back to the User Roles list I noticed that the role I had

just created wasn't there.

I then tried to re-create it thinking something had gone wrong. When I attempted to do that

the system throws up an error saying that the User Role name is already in use.


Is there another view where I can see User Roles? It seems as though the User Roles view under the

RADIUS tab is cutting off some of my User Roles.


Thank you


Re: Clearpass RADIUS User Roles not showing?



I managed to figure it out.

I am dumb. I didn't realize that the visibility of the RADIUS User Roles was actually controlled.


I had to edit the Operators Account I was using to have visibility of the newly created RADIUS User Roles.

As soon as I did this the new roles showed up.


Thank you for the help!




Sorry I just realized I made a mistake. You actually edit the "Profile" that the Operator is using. Not the Operator account itself.



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