Clearpass SCEP integration

Hello everyone,


I currently have the mission to connect 1000s of Blackberry devices to our corporate WLAN.


I know blackberry BES fully integrates with SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) and this part is not a problem.

The issue i'm facing is the integration with clearpass. Here is how I imagine the solution :

  1. The user  connects to the Corporate SSID using his blackberry
  2. He he restricted to having only access to the SCEP web page and redirected to it from the controller
  3. Once the auto enrollment is completed, he gets disconnected, hits the TLS service and gain access to the 802.1x corporate network (This is the part i'm not sure about)

Is this possible ? if so how :) ?

Also Onboarding isn't an option atm.

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Re: Clearpass SCEP integration

The only way ClearPass would be involved with SCEP would be with Onboard.

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Re: Clearpass SCEP integration

Hopfully you've seen the BB authz integration I delivered for BES10 a few weeks back. Looking at SCEP/OnBoard integration is one of those items in my inbox but keeps getting pushed furthur down the list.


How soon do you need this?

Best Regards

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