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Clearpass - Sponsorship confirmation and user logoff

Hi everybody!

I'm a newbie of the CPPM system, but I have to bring it up and running! :-)


I correctly configured Guest Self-Reg page and already tested, and everything work fine!


I need to add the Sponsorship confirmation, and i managed to make it work, but only without authentication, so I need to create some users that can login to the CPPM in order only to confirm the user requested registrations.

Watching the "actions" page, I noticed that there is this tip:


"If checked, the sponsor will need to successfully authenticate prior to sponsoring the user.
The sponsor’s operator profile must have the Guest Manager > Remove Accounts privilege."


I cannot find the way to create an user with this privilege....


Can someone help me?




Another question: is there a way to allow the self-provisioned users to manually logout theirselves?

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Re: Clearpass - Sponsorship confirmation and user logoff


No ideas? :smileyfrustrated:

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