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Clearpass VM virtual disk requirements

I see some confilciting messages around the virtual disk requirements (size and type) for CPPM 6.7. Can someone shed light on the following conerns?


1. The 6.6 VM image ships with 20GB virtual disk size (for disk 0, of course). Though per the documentation, 6.7 comes with 30 GB. There is nothing in the upgrade procedure which refers to the disk size. Shouldn't the 6.7 upgrade procdure require to expand disk 0 from 20 to 30 GB before upgrading?


2. the type of Disk 0 in the image is Thin/Dynamic. According to this article:  Disk 0 should be of type Fixed. If indeed disk 0 should be Fixed, while in the image it is Dynamic, shouldn't the installation and upgrade procedure require to convert it to fixed?


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Re: Clearpass VM virtual disk requirements

You do not need to make any changes to the first disk in any case.

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Re: Clearpass VM virtual disk requirements

Is there a way to get a little bit more spcific reply, regarding the specific questions?


Is there a conformation that there can be an issue with 6.7 upgrade because disk 0 is larger? If so, what is the workaround or fix?


What about the type of disk 0 in 6.6 and 6.7? Dynamic/Thin or Static/Thick?

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Re: Clearpass VM virtual disk requirements



Upgrading from a previous version of CPPM to a newer version normally doesn't require to adjust the VM settings. Not only disk, but also CPU and memory settings sometimes change.

I have not encountered a upgrade where we should change vm settings, nor have I encountered issues after the upgrade.


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