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Clearpass - View DB Sizes

I will soon upgrade a large CPPM deployment for a customer. I want to prepare them for how long the upgrade will take. Reviewing 6.8 release notes gives timeframes which are all very reasonable. I need to confirm the customers deployment falls somewhere near the same sample sizes and are not way outside the bounds. 


How do I view the DB sizes so that I can make the correct calculations?






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Re: Clearpass - View DB Sizes

If you backup your CPPM instance you will get the "Total Backup Size".

If you extract your backup you should be able to see how large the databases are.

Config & Log DB backups are in the PolicyManager directory.
Insight DB backup is in the Insight directory.

I'm not 100% sure that these DB backups reflect the exact size of the DB on ClearPass though but it's something... Maybe someone from Aruba/HPE can chip in?

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Re: Clearpass - View DB Sizes

You need to take TAC help to get db size detials of LogDB, InsightDB, tipsDB.

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Re: Clearpass - View DB Sizes

I suspected that might be the answer. It would be great to give us the ability to view this ourselves. I will backup and export as jrwhitehead has suggested and I will compare this to TAC findings. I will post back here what is found. It will be a few weeks though. 


Thanks guys! 

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Re: Clearpass - View DB Sizes

You can collect the complete server logs from Administration --> Server Manager --> Server Configuration --> Collect logs. 

Untar the logs and navigate to the file named "postgres-info.txt" in the PolicyManager folder. It would show the size of all databases on that node.


Below is an example:


Size of all databases:
datname | size
postgres | 7343 kB
AppPlatform | 44 MB
template1 | 7343 kB
template0 | 7343 kB
insightdb | 14 MB
tipsdb | 10 GB
tipsLogDb | 474 MB
(7 rows)

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