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Clearpass Web Page redirect. (No Login)

So my setup is when a device connects to the network and they're not profiled they're sent to a splash page to explain they're being profiled and to wait for network access. This is a simple CPPM Guest web page with no authentication. (Thanks for the tip, Tim) 

However, what I don't like about the experience is that there isn't a redirect after the user is profiled. They just stay at the CPPM web page. Is there a way to redirect the users after they have been profiled, or should I just put a note in the page to "Try again in a few minutes"


May be out of luck here.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Clearpass Web Page redirect. (No Login)

You should set a short session timeout/lease/reauth for that subnet, just enough time so the device is able to get an ip and then perform a reauth
Thank you

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Re: Clearpass Web Page redirect. (No Login)

They reauth via CoA and get on the correct network, however the splash page they were initially redirected to stays open in their browser. They're never redirected to the redirect URL defined in the Captive Portal profile. I'm assuming this is default behavior since there is no login.

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Re: Clearpass Web Page redirect. (No Login)

You should be able to achieve this with code on the webpage. I don't know the exact code required, but you should be able to use meta refresh to force the page to complete a url redirection:

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Re: Clearpass Web Page redirect. (No Login)

Hi zemerick 1


In the first post you mentioned that you managed to relate users who exceeded the limit of data with a web page where they were informed of this situation.


I already set up a web page but I can not redirect users to the web page.  I read thai it is through a role,  but it doesnt work for me.


Any suggestions. Thanks.

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