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Clearpass automatic email notifications

Hi friends,


 I need to send an automatic email to notifiy each user his credentials when I do a massive guest user from a csv file. I've looked for different options but I do not know which field do I have to use and how to activate automatic email sending. How can I do it?



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Re: Clearpass automatic email notifications

I've done this before. 


First make sure SMTP is working for a single account.


Next you have to do some small scall import testing.  What I did was created 5 test accounts with valid email addresses in Guest one at a time.  I confirmed I got individual mails for those.  Then I exported all accounts to a csv file.  One of the fields in the csv file should include the field "Auto SMTP" and it should be populated to value of "yes".


Next I deleted my five test accounts and then used the csv file to import them back in to test if I was getting the mails.  When you import the csv make sure you are importing all the fields.  Should work if SMTP is working.

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Re: Clearpass automatic email notifications

A couple points here on import.  One is that you generally want the csv to have the real data and the real field names.  So 'auto_send_smtp' with a value '1' trumps 'Auto SMTP' with a value 'Yes'.  The latter is asking for problems if a field label was renamed or someone had another language in play.


Secondly, ensure that you are including an email column.  The system falls back to the settings in 'Configuration » Receipts » Email Receipt' for the email and auto send fields.  If you are just passing username it is not going to pick that up.





When you know all the usernames are email you can use email for the username label and the import should do its thing.



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Re: Clearpass automatic email notifications

Hi there,
this was very useful considering an Aruba TAC engineer relayed a senior engineers position that it wasn't possible to send an email when importing!.

Can you elaborate on how to substitute the email address as the username as opposed having it entered twice?

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Re: Clearpass automatic email notifications

 Ken, did you try my example?  Create defaults to email if it is there.  Once saved both fields will be the email address.  One stage of the import may have a random username in there but the final receipt will have it right.


There was a time when imports could not send emails.  It was fixed awhile back.

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Re: Clearpass automatic email notifications

I guess I am not understanding your comment "defaults to email" otherwise all is working.


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Re: Clearpass automatic email notifications

All creation logic, including import, goes through some basic logic to determine the username.  Simplistically the order goes:


  1. 'username' if it is there
  2. 'random_username_method' if it is there
  3. 'email' if it is there
  4. The global random_username_method otherwise

The import logic has some logic to confirm that first row is a header row.  if it gets it wrong there is a way to force it on step 1.  It wants 'username' but I think we added a few other guesses too.


I cannot tell what your problem is.  Paste the first few lines of the csv and what you want to happen with it.

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