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Clearpass captive portal uniquie redirect URL per ap group

We have a use case where we need to use a unique redirect URL for our captive portal depending on what AP group the request is coming from. So one common captive portal, but many redirect URLs. Is it possible to send back a Specific redirect URL with clearpass? I have already accomplished the functionality by creating multiple aaa profiles, captive portal profiles, and pre auth roles on the controllers (one for each of the redirect URLs), however I feel that this solution is inelegant and has made the controller config quite cluttered. I would prefer to accomplish this via clearpass. Any ideas?

Re: Clearpass captive portal uniquie redirect URL per ap group

Hi, A_Human,


As you can see in the picture the captive portal is defined by the initial role in the aaa profile.


What you can do is create a URL link on that captive portal that is linked to another portal in Clearpass. This is a example that can be usefull for onboarding BYOD for exaple. "seeing the guest portal, but wit a link for employees where they can download the onboarding profile".


The are many option, but what is your use case exactly to have many guest pages?


GuestPortal Profile Sheet.JPG

Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: Clearpass captive portal uniquie redirect URL per ap group

There are quite a few different ways of accomplishing what you are trying to do, but it comes down to you knowledge of coding. (php/html)

if the pages are pretty close to layout here is a sample code to change the color and logos based on ap group.


Dynamic images or defining custom variables for APGROUPS


 {if $extra_fields.apgroup == "SJ"}
               {assign var=campus_title value="San Jose"}
               {assign var=campus_color value="0038a7"}
               {assign var=campus_logo value="public/logos/sj.png"}
 {elseif $extra_fields.apgroup == "SF"}
               {assign var=campus_title value="San Francisco"}
               {assign var=campus_color value="652325"}
               {assign var=campus_logo value="public/logos/sf.png"}
               {* revert to the default template below if NONE of the other APGROUPS are a match *}
               {assign var=campus_title value="Santa Monica"}
               {assign var=campus_color value="2980b9"}
               {assign var=campus_logo value="public/logos/sm.png"}

Alternatively, if you can name the logos the same as the AP Group, it is a simple one liner:


 <img src="public/{$extra_fields.apgroup|rawurlencode}" alt="Location: {$extra_fields.apgroup|escape}">

If you want to do more then I would suggest that you work with a speclized partner or professional service and they can help build advanced pages. 


Thank You,

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Re: Clearpass captive portal uniquie redirect URL per ap group

Thanks for the replies. The specific use case is redirecting pages with site specific info. There are nearly 100 campuses and the desire is that whatever campus you connect to WiFi from will redirect you to the website with info for your specific campus after captive portal click through. Not just changing colors and logos and whatnot, uniquie webpages with uniquie content and links for every campus. Like I said, I have gotten this working with the nearly 100 AP groups by creating nearly 100 initial roles, mapped to 100 aaa profiles, mapped to 100 captive portal profiles with the appropriate redirect URL for each campus. Was hoping clearpass could send back a redirect URL along with the post auth role and VLAN based on the AP group or something similar. Sounds like this may not be possible though and the only way is how I am currently doing it...
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