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Clearpass email alert notifications

Hi All,


I'm seeking some clarification on the intended behaviour of the ClearPass cluster wide alert notifications.


From what i can see if the Alert Notification timeout is set to Disabled then no emails are generated by the system.


If however you select 1 hour as the timeout interval, it seems to continously send emails out for the same alert every hour.


What do you need to do to stop it sending out the same alert? As there is no way to "acknowledge" the alerts i'm assuming an admins simply logs in and then the alert is cleared?


Is there any way to change this so that it only sends the alert out once (with no repetition)?





Re: Clearpass email alert notifications


As of today it will send out the alert each time it happens. I have a few other customers that use the alerting from a syslog servers so you wont get all the alerts.

I would ask you to file a feature request and others can help push it through. :)
Thank You,

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