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Clearpass evaluation

Greetings all. I attended the CPPM & Guest training last week. I downloaded Amigopod VM evaluation sometime ago to learn in my lab. I updated to the latest over the weekend, again the evaluation copy, and it couldn't be easier to get it operational running in VMWare Fusion.


The Clearpass evaluation is a good bit different. Coupled with my lack of VM knowledge it was troublesome to say the least. I finally got the CPPM running and accessible from my lab network. Here's the but...............when starting the administrative GUI for the first time I receive a prompt tro install a license. I've searched the Clearpass download site for such evaluation license with no luck.


Before I call TAC, I thought someone reading these threads has probably run into the same problem and may have the answer regarding CPPM eval. TIA




Re: Clearpass evaluation

The 6.0.1 eval VM image does not have a license on it; thus you need to request a license.     You can either request one through your local Aruba reseller or fill out the following form.  I don't know if there is an upated link; but this should make it ot the appropriate team:


Also, the ClearPass Policy Manager 5.x licenses will not work with 6.x; you need to request an upgrade license or new eval license.

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Re: Clearpass evaluation

I'm running 5.2.X which I thought the evaluation VM image had a license and I'm not finding that to be the case.  Is the evaluation license request necessary for 5.X as well as 6.X? TIA.

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Re: Clearpass evaluation

Yes.  The temporary license is delivered to you in an email.


The difference is that an "evaluation" image normally has less disk requirements than the production image, but it still requires a license..


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Re: Clearpass evaluation

Great. Thank you for the clarification.

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