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Clearpass evaluation

I am about to install a Clearpass VM for evaluation. In the event that the customer would like to upgrade to the full version what is the upgrade procedure - just apply a subscription ID or a full re-install?. If its the first option how would that work if they wanted to move to a 25k size machine.


Re: Clearpass evaluation

Its pretty simple, :smileyhappy:



  • Backup your evel cppm server + cert backup
  • Deploy a new vm for the full cppm version , install licenses and than restore your evel cppm server backup + cert backup


Be sure when restoring to use the same cppm version (for exmaple if the evel was 6.2.123 , download the vm image of the full version ,build a new virtual - and update it until it's got the same numbering 6.2.123 before resotreing)



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Re: Clearpass evaluation

The eval VM (usually requires 40GB disk) is not upgradable to the production VM. If you want to install and then convert, you can start with full production VM image with an eval key (although it will require significantly more resources) or you use the VM and then backup/restore later.
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