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Clearpass - failsafe process



I have an Aruba 54xx switch with port A10 configured as untag on vlan 10. This is configured within the switch configuration.


A device connects, initiate the whole things with ClearPass, and Clearpass pass back a radius attribute to force port A10 on VLAN 20 instead.


 If i am to login into the switch and disable the authenticator, will port A10 go back to VLAN 10, or will it stay on VLAN 20 (the one forced by the Radius attribute).


We are about to kick this off and i am scared that too many devices will end up in the wrong VLAN, i need a very quick rollback plan where i login into the switch and disabling the authenticator will "revert" the vlan settings to what they were originally, not dynamically assigned by ClearPass. 


Would this work?





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