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Clearpass guest access - prepopulate sponsor page



I am looking for a solution where sponsors page prepopulated based on URL sent in the invitation to the guest.

So the workflow would look like.

  1. Sponsor submits request in CRM for guest access.
  2. CRM send email to guest with URL.
  3. Guest clicks on the URL and which will open Clearpass Sponsored guest page and prepopulate fields based on URL.
  4. Guest Submits request.
  5. Clearpass sends out confirmation email and display login username and password.

Re: Clearpass guest access - prepopulate sponsor page

The short answer is that nothing built into ClearPass will fulfill this entire workflow.


That being said, ClearPass is just hosting a web page, which with proper Javascript (which I do not know) it can extract data from your redirect URL. For it to extract that data, the data will need to be in the URL - for example. In CRM, when it generates the link to be sent. We can see this functionality with auto-populate MAC address for device registration. The MAC has to exist in the URL for it to extract that data and auto fill it.


A few things need to happen to complete this:

1. CRM link must include everything to be auto-filled

2. Javascript must be written on the page to identify and extract that data to fill


The rest of the workflow I believe ClearPass handles natively. - Sending confirmation email and also showing receipt page, which can be customized to only show username and password.

Michael Haring
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Re: Clearpass guest access - prepopulate sponsor page

Thanks Michael. 


We made the soltuion less complex by using MS SQL as authentication suorce. 

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