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Clearpass guest controll reports ...

Hi community,


in our company clearpass works fine for our guest authentication.

We test Clearpass in our company for our costumers.

Our Clearpass is version: ClearPass Policy Manager


We are in Germany, in germany the law says, that the owner of an internet connection be liable for all the things that happends on his internet connection. So in a Guest Wlan the owner must be liable when the guests are downloading music,movies upload xxx ...


That´s a very big problem for your costumers and thats the problem why we are not selling so mutch aruba wlans...


Can we fix this problem with Aruba Clearpass?

Can we track what our guests do on the Internet with Clearpass?
Can Clearpass make Reports what Guest (username) with whitch ip-adress on whitch date was loged in?
And how to configure that?
I´m open for all your ideas.
Thanks a lot.


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Re: Clearpass guest controll reports ...

ClearPass is not an Internet filtering solution.  You should make suggestions to your customers on Internet filtering solutions such as cloud Internet filtering or OpenDNS.  OpenDNS would probably be the easiest to use, but may not offer as much protection as a filtering appliance (McAfee, WebSense, Bluecoat, etc) would.


Insight is a reporting tool built into ClearPass.  You can run reports on who connected, what role they had, how long they were connected, what IP they had, how much data did they transmitted, etc.  You could correlate this information with the information from your Internet filtering solution if you ever needed to link someone to Internet misuse.

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Re: Clearpass guest controll reports ...

Ok, with the Insight report I can see the usernames, names and the IP-adresses and so on.

Thats very nice.


What is the best practise to use a proxy server with clearpass.

Have anybody have some experience with clearpass and proxy server?


I want to use the proxy to see where the user surfing on the internet.

The proxy shows the ip-adress and the visited web-site.

With the Insight report I can trace back the ip-address to an user ....





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Re: Clearpass guest controll reports ...

Lightspeed content filters accept radius accounting data for authorizing with the inline filter. Is this what you want?
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Re: Clearpass guest controll reports ...

Ok, I don´t know Lightspeed, but I think you are on the right way.

I´need a freeware Proxy Server that can work with clearpass.


How can I make this work ?


Re: Clearpass guest controll reports ...

ClearPass can set your proxy setting if you onboard the device, send syslog if the proxy accepts them otherwise it has nothing to do with your proxy unless you go with a paid version like Palo Alto. Where we will send username and Mac to the proxy

You will also need to change the proxy setting in CPPM if you want it to also go through your filter.
Thank You,

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