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Clearpass guest submit error

I have guests at a site connectingthrough a small IAP cluster to clearpass for guest registration with an error. They have multiple sites with IAP clusters all pointing to the same guest registration page on the same clarpass device. Its only one user on an iPad seeing this error, although he is the only one able to connect via this cluster, so I assume its a user issue.


The error being displayed is  -


internal form error:problem with

element 'visible_if' or 'enable_if:

can't find variable:



Is this a browser issue?


Re: Clearpass guest submit error

This looks like a configuration issue - check the various fields on the guest registration to see if any of them have been customized.


There is a function called Nwa_SetStyleDisplay but there is no function called Nwa_Set_StyleDisplay which is why I suspect a configuration item has been changed.

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