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Clearpass guest with IAP



We have a clearpass server at our datacenter and we want to deoploy the guest part of clearpass to a cstomer running IAPs.

So in this case, is the customer able to manage the clearpass server for revoking access, grant access, create own forms for self-registration?

When a guest at the customers office registers, is the traffic sent to the clearpass server through tcp port 443 or does i requiere a VPN tunnel from the customer to our datacenter?




Re: Clearpass guest with IAP

Hello Csoto


There are a few posts on this under Instant and ClearPass boards.


Firstly. Is the ClearPass owned by customer? As in in - it's not used by anyone else like a multi-customer hosted solution.

If it's customer only then as long as the customer has http/https connection to the CP server he will be able to do administration.

If it's multi-customer then no - you cant differentiate enough access to adjust just their own portals.




The client is redirected to the clearpass webserver (port 80 or 443) so the client needs a route to the server. Likewise the CP server needs a route back to the client network. At the same time - the IAP needs radius connectivity to the CP server.

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